Click on the links below to learn more about of projects Louise has been involed with over her music journey.


Louise Denson Group performs Louise’s original compositions which feature beautiful melodies, rich harmony and happening grooves, reflecting her experience in jazz, classical, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music.


The Wild Silk Strings Project is a 9-piece ensemble consisting of jazz rhythm section and vocals, trumpet, saxophone and string trio. This cross-genre project grew out of the long-standing musical collaboration between vocalist Ingrid James and Louise, which began with the recording of their 2007 CD, Portrait.


Denson | Baartz is a recently formed ensemble is a collaborative project between Louise and saxophonist/composer Martha Baartz (NSW), with the exceptionally musical bassist, Helen Russell, and up and coming Brisbane drummer, Aaron Jansz, completing the rhythm section.


Brisbane Contemporary Jazz Orchestra was started in 2004 by saxophonist David Humphreys. Having recently settled in Brisbane, David was perplexed to find that there was no ensemble specializing in contemporary big band music, a repertoire he had grown up with and that he felt should be kept in the public ear.


Composition became a serious part of Louise’s musical life after she completed her Bachelor degree in jazz at St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, N.S.) and moved to Montreal.

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