Easter at the Piano Mill 2021

Despite the inclement weather, I had the great pleasure of spending Easter Sunday at Harrigan's Lane, Willsons Downfall, NSW in the company of many great and adventurous musicians and an appreciative audience. This was the 5th and final time that this event will be happening in this format, although I'm sure there will be many intriguing and beautiful events taking place out there in the future.

This year, in addition to being one of the Piano Mill team playng Erik Griswold's 'All's Grist That Comes to the Mill', I performed one of my own compositions, 'Now You Are Gone' in the solo piano series, and did two short talks about my own composition for the Mill that was performed in 2018, 'Mill Life'. But perhaps the highlight, aside from the nourishing cameraderie of friends and colleagues, was a short improvised set with vocalist Kayleigh Pincott with me accompanying on toy piano! Totally unexpected - fresh and fun and beautiful to be playing and singing with the rain gently falling and the fog rolling in. It's always a day full of suprises!

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