01 Out Of Season

02 Sweet Lessons

03 Rent-a-Crowd

04 In The Morning

05 Son Of Northland Pt. 1

06 Son Of Northland Pt. 2

07 Passionflower

08 Time To Be

09 Lonely Wing

10 Cut And Dried

11 I Don't Smoke

12 Adagio In G minor_Lonely Woman

13 Contemplation



CD Information


‘Time to be’ - QSong Pinnacles Jazz Award - Best Jazz Composition 2007


Louise Denson (piano)

Ingrid James (voice)

Mark Spencer (tenor sax, flute)

Carl Harvoe (trumpet)

Helen Russell (bass)

Joe Marchisella (drums)


‘This is exciting playing by a wonderful group of musicians, and clearly they have a deep respect for the jazz tradition. Ingrid and Louise have brought new things to music by way of creative lyrics and compositions. They connect beautifully with one another in terms of sound quality – nothing forced, nothing overdone, and very refined. Words form one song describe their collaboration perfectly: Warm and Beautiful.”
 - Tony Gould, pianist/composer/educator

“There’s something more in this feeling, though. I’m struck by the beauty and richness of the moment that these two women have created. Ingrid and Louise get together, hang out, talk about music, talk about life, make original music...”
- Greg Gottlieb, Valley Jazz Festival reviewer

“The music of Ingrid and Louise knows no geographic boundaries – from Down Under to New York to the Far North, we ultimately all share one set of needs and values: joy, family, spiritual journey....it’s all here.”
- Aaron Goldberg, pianist NYC

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