Flame Tree



01 Mercurio

02 Sparring, Sparring

03 I'll Ask You One More Time

04 Bolero For Wendy

05 Life Itself

06 Flame Tree

07 Wild December Wind

08 Another Cup

09 Cha Cha Che

10 Itty Bitty Boogaloo



CD Information


‘Another Cup’, ‘Sparring, Sparing’, ‘Mercurio’ ‘I’ll Ask You One More Time’

Qsong – Highly Commended, World Music category 2010/11


Louise Denson (piano)

John Stefulj (alto, tenor, soprano sax, flute, clarinet, hand percussion)

Bob Schultz (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Ingrid James (voice)

Jeremy O’Connor (bass)

Sacha Kloostra (drums)

Gustavo Cereijo (congas, hand percussion, batá)

David Allen (chekere, voice, batá)


“…a marvellously gifted composer…for those looking for an original voice within the Latin jazz movement, this is a good place to start.”

- Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann, Women of Note Quarterly


“…expertly crafted compositions from Denson make for a colourful, joyous and spirited journey."

- Dr. Sandy Evans, saxophonist/composer, OAM


“The music speaks simultaneously to the heart, mind and body... Sit back and enjoy the inventive twists and turns of Denson’s melodies, her exquisite harmonic sense and her elegant soloing.”
- Dr. Sandy Evans, saxophonist/composer, OAM

“... fine original compositions, engaging arrangements and great playing from all...”

- Sam Keevers, pianist/composer






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