Denson | Baartz

This recently formed ensemble is a collaborative project between Louise and saxophonist/composer Martha Baartz (NSW), with the exceptionally musical bassist, Helen Russell, and up and coming Brisbane drummer, Aaron Jansz, completing the rhythm section. Denson | Baartz was featured on the opening night of the Brisbane International Jazz Festival (2017) with a beautiful and stylistically diverse program of originals. The compositions are based on universal, inspirational stories and range in style from tango, bolero and ballad, to fast swing and samba. The BIJF performance was recorded and is currently being turned into a CD. 


Martha and Louise are well matched musically. They are committed to old-fashioned musical notions such as melody and harmony, and they both love a good groove. Both women are experienced and acclaimed performers and composers with many credits to their names. Martha has performed at many national and international festivals, including the world famous Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Melbourne Women’s International Jazz Festival, as well as renowned Australian jazz venues. She possesses a tremendous depth of talent for writing, with her compositions being central to her successful past ensembles, the Baartz Freeman Sextet and Baartzy’s Brew. She has recorded three well-reviewed albums under her own name, and her music is often played on Radio National, Jazz Track.


Denson | Baartz is looking forward to launching their CD in late 2018, and to further productive and enjoyable musical collaboration in the future. 


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